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AnnWelzein - Thu Sep 15 2011

11:55 AM #
Was cleaning my closet today. Lots of old photos. You really lose track of the years.

11:57 AM #
Found some VHS tapes of recorded TV from way back. Four or five are pieces of episodes of The Joy of Painting. I was a huge fan of Bob Ross.

12:00 PM #
One of my favorite shows of the '80s. Stopped watching when I gave up landscape painting in the '90s. The '80s were a more decadent time.

12:02 PM #
Maybe I'll get into painting again. Could paint the wildlife in the backyard. Maybe it'll be worth something, someday.

12:03 PM #
Going to go swing by Michaels and get some supplies before the kids get home from school. Feels good to rediscover an old hobby!