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AnnWelzein - Tue Sep 20 2011

12:30 PM #
Shopping for paint supplies at Michaels was a huge pain. Sometimes great selection isn't a good thing. Way too many colors to choose from.

12:32 PM #
Don't get me wrong, though. Michaels isn't all bad. Their prices are right.

12:34 PM #
I wonder if it's owned by one Michael and they forgot the apostrophe on the sign, or if there are dozens of Michaels who run all the stores.

12:36 PM #
There's probably an enormous boardroom filled with Michaels, who all really appreciate classic arts and crafts.

12:39 PM #
This weekend I caught up on my old Bob Ross tapes. None of the episodes are complete, but it's easy to piece them together.

12:40 PM #
Then I set up my easel and spent the rest of the weekend staring out into our empty backyard, waiting for wildlife to paint.

12:41 PM #
I haven't painted anything yet. Great artists wait to be inspired. No matter how long it takes.

12:49 PM #
Bob Ross is such a class act. I don't normally do this, but I'm going to write him a fan letter. From one artist to another.