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AnnWelzein - Wed Sep 21 2011

12:22 PM #
Was going to get some painting done today, but one of the kids is staying home sick. They're always getting sick, and needing things.

12:30 PM #
I put him in bed and made a bowl of Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder. We're out of chicken soup. Close enough.

12:36 PM #
He's finally sleeping, so I can focus on my craft. When you're pursuing dreams, you can't let anything get in your way, especially children.

01:26 PM #
He isn't sick. Caught him playing the Xbox. Told me kids beat him up at school, mostly because they see me staring out the window for hours.

01:27 PM #
I can't help that I was born with artistic talent. But you know what they say, it gets better.

01:30 PM #
Bob Ross probably caught a lot of gruff when he started out. But you don't become a celebrity landscape painter listening to naysayers.

01:31 PM #
Hard at work on my fan letter. Can't wait to pick Bob's brain. I'm just searchin for inspiration.