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AnnWelzein - Mon Sep 26 2011

11:47 AM #
The Estate of Bob Ross sent me a letter! Estate! He must be a billionaire. Proof that great things happen, if you believe in yourself.

11:53 AM #
Oh, no.

12:01 PM #
Pretty broken up over this news. It's not everyday you find out that your idol has been dead for sixteen years.

12:08 PM #
Might plant a happy little memorial tree in our backyard. It's true, only the good die young.

12:22 PM #
Don't have the heart to paint any more. Going to drink some shiraz and catch up on The X Factor. Wait for the inspiration to come back.

01:11 PM #
Just realized all those VHS tapes I have of Bob Ross's show might be worth something now that he's dead! Headed to Blockbuster.