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AnnWelzein - Mon Oct 31 2011

01:18 PM #
All dressed up and ready for the big day. Woo hoooo, witchy woman, see how high she flies, Happy Halloweeeeen, you guys!

03:44 PM #
My daughters are on their own tonight, and the other kid is at his father's, but you can't let the quiet get you down on a holiday!

03:45 PM #
Waiting at the door with four baskets of king size candy! Nobody's come by yet. Halloween starts later and later each year.

04:54 PM #
I saw a bunch of kids dressed up, but they passed right by my house!

07:40 PM #
I blew it. Halloween 2011 is officially ruined.

07:50 PM #
Turns out our house's front light burned out. I guess everyone thought we weren't home. Wasted $500 on candy, and a witch hat, for nothing.

07:55 PM #
Going to eat some candy, try to fight these shiraz cravings. You can't give in, even if you're feelin' down.

08:30 PM #
Getting a nice buzz from this candy. Actually feelin' better. On the bright side, only 364 days until next Halloween!

08:59 PM #
Finished an entire basket of candy. Can't sleep. So wired. Have so many ideas!

09:00 PM #
Here's one: Open up a shop that only sells pumpkin pie. Year-round. The people who shop there, those are the friends you want to have.

09:02 PM #
Another idea: Bluetooth headsets for dogs. I don't even know! Feelin' so great.

09:17 PM #
Finished another candy basket. SO wired. Rearranging the furniture in our living room. Then, working on a painting. Nothing can stop me!