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AnnWelzein - Mon Nov 21 2011

12:12 PM #
Finally shopping at Kroger again. The pimply kid that was yanking my chain got fired.

12:16 PM #
Turns out he got caught with a buncha drugs in his cargo pants. Might go to prison for a while. Lost his scholarship to Georgetown.

12:19 PM #
Most teenagers have drugs on them, and if they ever give you trouble, just call the cops from the nearest pay phone.

12:21 PM #
Pretty happy to get the family back on a normal, healthy diet. Might make a special batch of my cheesy ham and banana casserole tonight!

02:49 PM #
Decided to invite the family over for Thanksgiving. The whole family.

02:52 PM #
Love cooking for everyone. One of the true joys of being a mother. You get to take a recipe, and tailor it to your family's tastes.

02:59 PM #
Take Ann's Famous Stuffing: The kids hate onions and green things, so I just soak saltines in chicken broth. Big hit at the table.

03:06 PM #
Weird thing, though. Every Thanksgiving the dog gets really sick. Hope it's okay this year.