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AnnWelzein - Thu Dec 01 2011

08:21 AM #
Finally got the back door fixed. The kitchen is still such a mess, the repairman probably thought we were drug addicts.

10:49 AM #
While cleaning the kitchen, I found a picture of our old dog Ziggy. Really miss the guy.

10:51 AM #
We've had a rough record with pets, you guys. 14 so far, all dead. So many sad stories.

10:56 AM #
Just a few years ago, Karl backed over Ziggy with the Cherokee.

10:58 AM #
Our black lab Shadow got eye cancer. In both eyes. Had to put him down. He hated the vet, so at least he didn't see where was going.

11:04 AM #
Our cat Scratchy choked on a whistle. Couldn't Heimlich her. I can still hear her last breaths, soft whistles lost in an uncaring wind.

11:07 AM #
Our first lizard was stepped on.

11:09 AM #
Our second lizard was poisoned. "Accidentally."

11:13 AM #
Our second black lab, Seger, was mistakenly shot in the woods with a hunting arrow. I hated that dog.

11:17 AM #
Ricky the rabbit contracted diarrhea and essentially deflated. Real grisly.

11:23 AM #
Maggie the hamster escaped her cage and died in one of our heat vents. Never found her. That entire winter, our house smelled like death.

11:30 AM #
Hermie the hermit crab died from natural causes.

11:37 AM #
Our turtle Tootsie was run over by our riding lawnmower. Horrible noise.

11:44 AM #
Our guinea pig froze to death after the kids gave him a bath. They were trying to show me how responsible they were, to get another dog.

11:52 AM #
The kids won two goldfish at the state fair. Both died from the heat before we decided on names.

11:57 AM #
And Springy the hamster got out of the house while in his ball. Found the ball in the woods a year later, with his tiny body still in it.

11:58 AM #
Our pets may be gone, but none of 'em are forgotten. Never forget, you guys.