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AnnWelzein - Thu Mar 08 2012

01:56 PM #
Sorry I haven't been able to write here. The lawyers said I shouldn't mention the "disagreement" or anyone involved with the "disagreement."

01:59 PM #
But let's just say that once this "disagreement" with "Parl" ends, I'll be livin' the good life.

02:01 PM #
It's not that I'm vindictive, it's just that if I don't win money from this "disagreement," I'll have to get a full-time job.

02:07 PM #
And so what if "Parl" finds my site? In my book, that just makes him an even worse person.

02:08 PM #
People who search the internet for dirt on other people, to make their crummy lives better, are the lowest type of people.