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AnnWelzein - Mon Mar 12 2012

12:23 PM #
Found some old wedding gifts in the basement. Never opened. I wonder what's in 'em.

12:26 PM #
They're wrapped in the funnies section of an old newspaper. I guess I didn't want to rip a classic Cathy.

12:28 PM #
I miss Cathy. Ack! Haha!

01:07 PM #
Opened the gifts. One was a collection of spoons, with little animals carved into the handle. Jackpot. You can never have too many spoons.

01:14 PM #
The other is a signed Detroit Lions helmet. Who the heck is Joe Schmidt? Garbage.

01:18 PM #
Eatin' oatmeal with three animal spoons. Gonna have to name 'em.

01:19 PM #
Tossed the helmet in the trash. That vintage Cathy was worth more.