Twitter Fiction Reader

AnnWelzein - Wed Apr 04 2012

06:29 AM #
Going to visit my old friend Carol in rehab. Hoping to make her day!

01:15 PM #
Carol is a total wreck.

01:18 PM #
Right when I got to her room, she started throwing up. Didn't even say hello.

01:23 PM #
After an hour of listening to her complain, I convinced her to get outside in the sun, and try some of the cookies I made. Big mistake.

01:35 PM #
Carol vommed chocolate chunks everywhere. Set off a chain reaction. Every drug addict on the patio started ralphing, hard. Total nightmare.

01:37 PM #
And that's when the seagulls came at us.

01:43 PM #
Orderlies were screaming to get inside. Birds were pecking everyone in sight. Total chaos and panic. Saw a few good people go down.

01:47 PM #
Somehow managed to get inside Carol's room, and locked the sliding door behind me.

01:50 PM #
On my way out of the center, tossed all the painkillers in my purse into Carol's trash. Can't turn out like her.

09:05 PM #
Can't sleep. Legs are acting up again. Gonna watch some infomercials until I pass out.