Twitter Fiction Reader

AnnWelzein - Mon Apr 16 2012

09:04 AM #
Garage door is still jammed. Can't get my car out. Can't get anyone to fix it until Friday.

09:07 AM #
Gonna have to hitchhike to Kroger.

04:47 PM #
Today was the best day of my life.

04:51 PM #
Tried to hitchhike on the highway for two hours. Almost gave up, when a dirty conversion van screeched to a stop nearby.

04:55 PM #
When the dust settled, the passenger door popped open. That's when I met Gasoline Pam.

04:59 PM #
I got in and asked her to take me to the Kroger. Pam spit a wad of chewing tobacco into an empty Gatorade bottle and mumbled, "Whatever."

05:08 PM #
Pam came in to help me carry stuff. When we got back to the van, she started pulling candy bars and panty liners out of her bra.

05:11 PM #
That's when the store manager rushed out of the store, screaming and pointing at us.

05:14 PM #
Pam threw her Gatorade bottle at the manager, and it hit him dead-on. He went down hard, covered in tobacco spit.

05:19 PM #
We sped out of the parking lot, blasting Gretchen Wilson. The van almost flipped on the turn. We were a regular Selma and Louise!

05:22 PM #
Pam dropped me off, but wants to meet up again. Can't say no. Don't really get out of the house for fun much anymore.