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AnnWelzein - Mon Apr 30 2012

06:28 PM #
This weekend was a disaster.

06:36 PM #
Karl wasn't looking healthy. Showed up to our meeting with the kids drunk, and blasted to his Discman the whole time.

06:48 PM #
Then he pounded rum and yelled at our kids. Couldn't understand anything. Joel Osteen never talks about this in his book.

06:53 PM #
Started ranting about my "veggie tray." There's nothing wrong with salted baby carrots and sour cream dip! Classic O'Brien family recipe.

06:57 PM #
Then he started crying and tore out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Knocked my vision board off the wall, so that's broken now.

07:02 PM #
The girls didn't even look up from their phones. Still not sure if they even know Karl and I are separating.

07:09 PM #
My son spent the rest of the weekend wandering around the house, waving his wand, trying to cast a spell to "bring daddy home."

07:13 PM #
Gonna order some new capris online. Retail therapy!