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AnnWelzein - Tue May 08 2012

01:18 PM #
I feel awful.

01:21 PM #
Was going to meet the Carlsons for their big Cinco bash, but got a head cold. Could just be allergies, but you gotta play it safe.

01:23 PM #
Drank ten cups of tea and then a little NyQuil. Realized the tea was caffeinated, so I finished the bottle of NyQuil to balance it out.

01:29 PM #
Tried walking to bed, but my legs fell asleep. Couldn't walk. Started crawling, but nodded off on the stairs.

01:33 PM #
That's when I woke up in our backyard on the rock pile.

01:37 PM #
Couldn't move my arms or legs, or fall asleep. Worse, there was an anthill under the rock pile.

01:42 PM #
Spent my entire Sunday lying on a rock pile with ants crawling over me.

01:45 PM #
When my kids finally saw me and dragged me inside, I was covered in ant bite rashes. Still having trouble walking.

01:50 PM #
My back is killing me. Going to take a quick scream shower, then salve up these ant bites.