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AnnWelzein - Fri May 18 2012

02:45 PM #
Last night was horrible. Went to Applebee's Neighborhood Grill for the big intervention with Karl. Brought the Carlsons along for support.

02:47 PM #
We all dressed up, because it's Applebee's. Except for Karl, who showed up soaked in sweat, smelling like malt vinegar.

02:53 PM #
He yelled at the Carlsons until they stormed out. They won't answer any of my calls now. They're my only real friends.

03:08 PM #
Then, for some reason, he showed me his nipples. That's when I calmly got up and left.

03:11 PM #
I never put "whirlpool of despair" on my vision board.