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AnnWelzein - Fri Jun 01 2012

11:28 AM #
The people at Luna Bars are horrible jerks.

11:31 AM #
Called in, asking about my free boxes. Told them about the roach eggs.

11:36 AM #
They asked who I was, so I said, "This is Ann Welzein, from the internet."

11:38 AM #
The guy on the other end started laughing. Said he never heard of me. That he needed proof of purchase.

11:41 AM #
So I said, "Listen, pal. Maybe you're in India or Dubai. That's fine. But in America, we don't eat bugs…"

11:45 AM #
"…but if bugs DO get in our food, we get free things, like boxes of Luna bars, T-shirts, and stuffed animals. That's the American way."

11:45 AM #
That's when he hung up on me. The nerve.

11:49 AM #
This isn't over, you guys. I decided that, until I get 30 free boxes of Luna bars, I'm going on a hunger strike.