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AnnWelzein - Tue Jun 19 2012

03:35 PM #
Spent the entire day cleaning the house. Still not done. The things I’ve seen.

03:38 PM #
The house smells like a barn. Called a plumber. He’s going to have install a new toilet. Said he’d “never seen anything like this.”

03:48 PM #
Someone dumped all of my painting supplies into my clothing drawers. My new chinos are ruined.

03:58 PM #
All of my Bob Ross VHS tapes are gone. Can’t find my Lauper cassettes, either. Whoever did this knew what to look for.

04:09 PM #
Why won’t anyone answer my phone calls?

04:35 PM #
Life is just a long series of nightmares punctuated by brief moments of loneliness and despair. I think I need some shiraz, you guys.

08:43 PM #
"These dreams go on when I close my eyes, every second of the night I live another life."