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AnnWelzein - Wed Aug 29 2012

01:10 PM #
Still feel awful. Keep getting headaches and nodding off. I also lost a tooth. And I still have to do five loads of laundry!

01:38 PM #
Was washing my chinos and found some "reefer" in a pocket. I guess the cops forgot it?

01:42 PM #
Maybe some of this "junk" will soothe my nerves. Could be medicinal.

01:47 PM #
Found a recipe for "brownies," if you catch my drift. Sent the kids over to Tina's.

03:19 PM #
Just ate two "brownies." Don't feel anything yet. Still have a headache. Gonna finish the whole batch.

03:43 PM #
what th

03:52 PM #
is it happening yet am i 'high'? cant stop chewing my hair

04:05 PM #
jimmy buffet cd full blast really groovin cant tell if this is typing

04:30 PM #
calling all my my old high school friends i miss everyone so much so alone why is nobody answering

04:55 PM #
pot high getting worse so cloudy where is the google trying to use the google to search

04:58 PM #
can you overdose on pot?

05:00 PM #
pot antidote?

05:03 PM #
how fast to breathe

05:05 PM #
how long do most people live

05:09 PM #
how old can you still have kids

05:13 PM #
yankee candle, honey scented, edible?

05:22 PM #
a loud noise someone is knocking on shed, going outside to check