Twitter Fiction Reader

AnnWelzein - Thu Oct 18 2012

11:38 AM #
Stopped by Jimmy's old house. I guess he moved. The good news is, the guy living there now gave me his new address!

11:41 AM #
So excited to see him. He was such a great guy. Really quiet. Always kept to himself. Handsome and skinny, too!

11:46 AM #
Maybe I'll get remarried? I won't be alone anymore!

11:50 AM #
My life is finally turning around! Heading over to his new place now. Bringing flowers!

02:11 PM #
So, bad news: Jimmy got married and had kids.

02:13 PM #
Worse news: Jimmy's dead. And so is his family. Apparently some kind of murder/suicide thing.

02:16 PM #
The address the guy gave me was for a cemetery. I left the flowers at Jimmy's grave. I think he'd like them.

02:21 PM #
I'm really glad I wasn't murder/suicided.

02:25 PM #
But I like to think that if Jimmy married me, he would've been happier. The only thing he would've murdered would've been my loneliness.

02:29 PM #
So that's that. Guess I'll take all those letters of his I kept and burn them in the backyard.

02:32 PM #
Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Nothing ever works out.

11:30 PM #
Lotta noise outside. Wonder what's up. Terrorism?

11:31 PM #
Better cut the lights and sleep in the basement, to be safe.