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DadBoner - Wed Apr 28 2010

12:04 PM #
Sorry I haven't been on for a few days. Ann caught me on Twitter in the garage and thought it was some porn site. Flipped out!

12:54 PM #
Was already looking forward to the weekend. Supposed to shoot 18 on Saturday. Now Ann says we have shop for new jeans for me.

01:12 PM #
She says I need "nice" jeans for the party at the Carlson's. Sounds like dork jeans to me.

04:19 PM #
Thnkin' about tokin' one down in the shed after Ann goes to pilates tonight. Really hating her guts today.

04:25 PM #
Hope there's still that roach in my golf bag from Al's bach party. I gotta mello out.

05:59 PM #
Crap, I'm WAY too high. Ann is gonna know something's up. And I ate a whole pack of deli ham that was supposed to be for "lunches only."

06:01 PM #
My son Chad just asked "what's wrong Daddy?" So ashamed. Gonna go cry in the downstairs bathroom.

06:40 PM #
Yeah, like me sleeping on the family room sofa is punishment. We have Cinemax.