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DadBoner - Fri May 14 2010

02:47 AM #
Couldn't sleep. Watching channel 7. Thinking about ordering this "The Best of Soul Train" dvd collection.

12:15 PM #
Lettin' us out early! Everyone's goin to Paddy McGee's at the Jewel for $2 24oz drafts!! Gotta take it easy though. Movie with Ann later.

12:15 PM #
Friday Rocks!

09:09 PM #
Just got back from Paddy McGee's. Forgot about movie date with Ann. She locked herself in the bedroom. I'm too hammered to care.

09:11 PM #
Told her she should've just went without me. Like I have to sit next to her for her to enjoy a movie. So stupid.

09:12 PM #
PLUS, it was a WORK outing! How does she think we pay for nice things like Netflix? With her eBay business? Total crap.

09:13 PM #
I'm going back to the bar. Should've just stayed if she's gonna act like this. She's ruining my night.

09:17 PM #
Actually, gonna drop a load first. Had the reuben at Paddy's. THEN back to the bar. Hope the cute new gal is still there.