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DadBoner - Sat May 15 2010

12:44 PM #

12:45 PM #
Just found a copy of that in my secret basement stash. Don't make 'em like that anymore. MMMM-HMMMM!!!

12:48 PM #
Everyone follow @KathyIreland . TOTAL babe!!!

12:55 PM #
Oh, guess who still says I can't go to the Tigers game tomorrow? Ann. Guess who's still going? Me.

12:59 PM #
Ann said if I go, don't bother coming back. Fine, I WISH I could live at Comerica. Can't wait for pregame at Cheli's!!!! So pumped.

02:59 PM #
Goin' back to Paddy's. RIGHT NOW. I doubt they have enough cold ones for me to celebrate havin' a chat with Kathy. Ann who?!!!