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DadBoner - Mon May 17 2010

01:13 PM #
Yesterday was a doozy. Me and Al didn't show up until the 3rd inning. Got lost on the way. Too many roadie G&Ts.

01:15 PM #
15 minutes after we sat down, some scumbag Red Sox fan kicked Al in the back and spilled his nachos and beer all over his shorts.

02:27 PM #
Ann said my kid cried at the soccer picnic because I was the only dad not there. And that's EXACTLY why I didn't go.

04:13 PM #
I keep asking Ann if she's mad at me for going to the Tigers game yesterday and all she keeps saying is "No it's fine" with a fake smile.

04:15 PM #
You know, that fake smile with the mean eyebrows. She's SO irritating. If she only knew how many gals were into my Maui Jim's yesterday.

04:17 PM #
AND she's ticked off that I spent almost $400 at the game. Like I fine tooth comb every trip she makes to Target. Sick of this.

04:26 PM #
PLUS, I spent some of that on t-shirts and caps for her and the kids that I forgot under my seat.Guess the thought doesn't REALLY count.