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DadBoner - Wed May 19 2010

09:07 AM #
Hump day! Really lookin' forward to the weekend you guys.

09:12 AM #
Feelin' good! Had a couple glasses of wine with lunch. Ann called me a drunk. It's EUROPEAN! She doesn't know anything.

09:19 AM #
Just ordered this online:

09:20 AM #
I'm more European to wear cologne. Got to smell fresh!

09:25 AM #
Have you tried the new Artisan breads at Quizno's? From Europe. Soooo good.

10:22 AM #
Gettin' a little snoozy from that lunch wine. Time for a few sips outta the ol' flask. It's cool in Europe.

10:31 AM #
Ever think about how diarrhea is just butt barf? Jeez Louise I'm sauced.

03:56 PM #
Whoa. Just woke up in my car in the work parking lot. Went back in but everyone's gone for the day. Too much lunch wine and Wild Turkey.

06:29 PM #
Came right home and crashed out on the couch. Ann called me a "lazy sow."