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DadBoner - Fri May 21 2010

12:33 PM #
We were SUPPOSED to go to Applebees tonight. Alone. But now Ann invited the Carlson's! Can't stand Doug and Tina!

12:35 PM #
I made those reservations so we could do something nice together, not listen to Doug talk about his back problems.

12:52 PM #
Plus he's always telling Ann how "great she looks." Creeps me out. AND they both kiss hello on the lips.

12:56 PM #
Leavin' work early with "diarrhea." Goin' to Paddy's for a few cold ones. Gonna need it to get through this dinner.

09:42 PM #
Applebee's sucked my ass. Sorry to swear, but it sucked my ass.

09:45 PM #
First, Doug told Ann her "fanny looks great." Then winked at me and said, "Eh, Karl?!" Should've socked his nose.

09:48 PM #
Then, I ordered the Spinach Artichoke dip for MY appetizer and only got about half of it. Ann made me share MY appetizer!

09:50 PM #
If Doug and Tina weren't so cheap they should've got their own! And of course they didn't chip in for it when the bill came.

09:56 PM #
RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CARLSON'S, Ann tried to get me one of those "Under 550 Calories" meals because she thought I "overdid it" on the dip.

09:58 PM #
Spinach and Artichoke dip are vegetables! Ann doesn't know anything about food that you just don't heat up.

10:05 PM #
I got the Southwest Jalapeno "Realburger." Well done @Applebeeing. SO GOOD! Added on Chili Cheese Fries. Ann had a stupid salad. WEAK.

10:14 PM #
For dessert, I ordered a double Blue Coconut Marg. Ann gave me some look, THEN got a Triple Chocolate Meltdown. Like she's better than me.

10:19 PM #
The Carlson's only paid for their dinners, no tip, and they didn't get ANY drinks. They suck.

10:21 PM #
Got into a pretty nasty screaming match with Ann on the way home. Like it's MY fault they suck. So drunk on Margs.

10:22 PM #
Goin' on the deck for a cig. Sick of this crap!