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DadBoner - Sun May 23 2010

12:04 PM #
Don't think we'll be having dinner with the Carlson's anytime soon. Guess I got blackout drunk on margs and gave Doug a piece of my mind.

12:05 PM #
He said he like his steaks "well done," not "well DON'T". Then Ann started laughing hysterically. They were MEDIUM RARE!!!

12:07 PM #
I said, "Well, DON'T come over anymore then you fat mooch! Stay home with your wife tied up in the yard where she belongs!"

12:09 PM #
Tina started crying and ran out. Doug went after her. Now they won't take Ann's calls to apologize. Good. Riddance.

12:10 PM #
Ann said she's so embarrassed she can't even look at me. Perfect. Maybe I can enjoy my Sunday now. I earned it after Friday and Saturday.

01:07 PM #
She'd be the one in my spokes. RT @TheDaniStew @DadBoner if Ann was a baseball card, what would she be?

04:23 PM #
Ann finally heard back from Tina Carlson. Guess she got upset because she gained some weight from "medication." What is she on? Oreos?