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DadBoner - Wed May 26 2010

01:10 AM #
I think Ann just caught me trying to, um, relax myself to sleep. Can't be sure. Gonna play it cool and get back in bed.

11:36 AM #
Hump day! Really lookin' forward to the weekend.

12:36 PM #
Just ordered these!

12:38 PM #
Super pumped about the new Rockports! Might just have to get the boat out this weekend.

09:31 PM #
Ann's all excited about Sex In The City 2. I don't get it. If she's so into the it why doesn't she try to get hotter like the blonde slut?

09:34 PM #
I just said that to her in front of the kids. BIG mistake. Now we have to schedule a "talk" for tomorrow morning. Great.

09:35 PM #
I asked her why we can't talk now and she said, "I can't even look at you. I'm going to bed."

09:36 PM #
Samantha wouldn't do that. She'd bring me with her and take care of business downtown. Ann's such a hypocrite or whatever.

09:38 PM #
Plus, the Sex In City gang would really get on her case about those clogs she lives in.