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DadBoner - Sun Jun 06 2010

01:24 PM #
Friday night I polished off a 20 pk of those vortex Miller Lites and crashed. Ann came home and found the kids eating all the pizza rolls.

01:25 PM #
She said, "It'd be best if I got a hotel room Saturday." Said I went to the Comfort Inn. Really stayed at Al's. Had a blast!

01:27 PM #
We ripped through 3 more 20 pks. They go down so smooth! Grilled up some strips too. Yeah, real punishment, Ann.

01:31 PM #
Came back this morning and she asked if "I learned my lesson." Got all puppy dog eyes on her and said, yes. She felt really bad.

01:31 PM #
She thought I was gonna cry. I was really just hungover. She is such a sucker!

01:33 PM #
The only lesson I learned is that those vortex Miller Lites rule!

01:49 PM #
Why do I only have a great weekend when I'm kicked out of the house? Really makes you think. Time for some soul searching.