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DadBoner - Thu Jun 10 2010

06:03 PM #
BW-3 Wednesday was a disaster. Ate way too much and had to go home sick. Just gettin' up and around. Trying to sip Pedialyte.

06:04 PM #
Everytime Ann looks at me she just shakes her head. I was SICK! Not like it's my fault it was coming out both ends.

06:06 PM #
Just heard Ann say to the kids, "That's why he's only allowed to use the spare bathroom." Now they're laughing. Really hurts ya'know?

06:08 PM #
I told her how I took down almost 3 dozen wings. She said, "Am I supposed to be impressed?! Wow, real macho man! Go sit on your potty."

06:09 PM #
I'm sure there's lots of women who'd be into that. She just doesn't get it. I'm going back to lie down. Feeling kind of spinny again.