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DadBoner - Sun Jun 13 2010

02:09 PM #
Friday: Was still kind of dehydrated and didn't feel too hot so I took the day off. Ann went to Target and I got bored so I drank a sixer.

02:23 PM #
Ann came home and found me with my pants down and hunched over the tub. Walked in and said, "Oh, you piece of sh*t!", then she left.

02:26 PM #
She didn't come back 'til late. When I asked her where she went she said, "I was at Shut Up Karl!" Then she locked herself in the bedroom.

02:28 PM #
Saturday: Ann got up early and left again. Left a note that said to watch the kids. I dropped them off at Iron Man 2 and went to Paddy's.

02:29 PM #
I was a little bit late picking them up because I was talking to Carly the bartender about how things are at home. They called Ann's cell.

02:31 PM #
Ann went to pick them up. When I told her I was at Paddy's and was coming to get them right away, she said, "Don't bother, Karl. Have fun."

02:33 PM #
So now she's doing this fake nice voice and making that crazy fake smile face. Just being kind of a jerk. Feelin' kinda lonely.

02:34 PM #
I'm just sad I guess. I try my best. Weekend is ruined.

02:34 PM #
Never thought I'd wish I was at work.