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DadBoner - Fri Aug 06 2010

11:17 AM #
AAAAAAHHHHHH! This stupid Dell is really ticking me off! Knew I shoulda got a Mac! PIECE OF JUNK!!!

11:28 AM #
Getting pretty sick and tired of Dave ranking up the john every morning before I have to get in the shower.

11:30 AM #
Every morning he walks by the couch before he does his business and says, "Time to make the donuts." It's getting pretty stale.

01:39 PM #
Ann just called to say the kids don't want to see me this weekend. YES!!! TGIF!!!

01:40 PM #
Me and Dave are going to Paddy's at 5 for some drinks and some laughs! Time to par-tay down! Hope that cute Heather is workin'.

01:44 PM #
New Friday Tee!