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DadBoner - Sun Aug 08 2010

01:44 PM #
Dave just ate a whole $5 Hot N Ready in front of me and didn't offer me even one slice. He's a real grossout sometimes.

01:47 PM #
Now he's watching that Jersey Beach show. The babes are kinda hot, but it's so stupid.

01:50 PM #
Dave's always hogging the TV. He doesn't know what's good either. Tried to hip him to that Always Sunny For Philadelphia. He didn't get it.

01:53 PM #
Head hair or somewhere else? RT @KimKardashian Ok I'm slicking my hair back, so my hair doesn't compete w my dress....ponytail or braid?

01:55 PM #
I can't believe I just did that. Sorry, just steamed at Dave and his crappy tv shows. Kim's cool. Dynamite bod.

03:00 PM #
@pricedout Dave doesn't drink milk. Says it gives him bad breath. Newsflash, it's not the milk.