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DadBoner - Fri Aug 20 2010

12:24 PM #
Super pumped for the weekend! Me and Dave are going perch fishing. BIG ASS cooler of Busch Light. Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!

12:26 PM #
Just split my pants. Stapled 'em back together. Who cares! Frrrrridaaaay!

03:45 PM #
My pants staples got snagged on my chair. Stood up. Ripped out the whole seat. Full moon. Had to wait for everyone else to leave.

03:47 PM #
Did a revamp on my pants with some old wood glue. Waiting for it to dry.

03:55 PM #
Dave is already loaded at Paddy McGee's. It's killing me! C'mon dry you stupid pants!

04:02 PM #
This is a disaster! Glue everywhere. Looks like I messed myself! Sick of this.

04:04 PM #
Goin to Kohl's for these bad boys.

04:04 PM #
Hope that cute bartender at Paddy's likes 'em. Friday on everyone!