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DadBoner - Fri Dec 03 2010

06:26 PM #
Ate a whole XL Reuben Pizza at Paddy's. The cute bartender thought I couldn't do it . She was really impressed. Said it was, "rad."

06:28 PM #
I was pretty hammered so I left. Got home and Dave was in the john destroying it. Had to crap SO bad I drove back to Paddy's.

06:30 PM #
Cute bartender saw me come back in and said, "What, you miss me?" Couldn't just crap and leave so I had 5 Labatt's.

06:37 PM #
Cute bartender bet me a beer I couldn't put away another XL BLT Pizza. It's on! Man v. Food! Man v. Food! Ha! F-f-f-f-f-fridaaayyy!