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DadBoner - Sat Dec 11 2010

01:22 PM #
Did something really stupid before bed. Drank a bottle of red wine and ate 3 bran muffins. This morning's been just a nightmare.

01:35 PM #
Everytime I go in the restroom, Dave makes gas sounds. So immature. My stomach is upset! It's NOT funny. So sick of this.

01:36 PM #
Good news is, Ann left a message that "we need to talk." Guess I called a few times last night. Think I really got through to her.

05:01 PM #
Went to meet Ann for coffee. I spent the whole time making restroom trips. She finally just left without saying goodbye. So rude.

05:24 PM #
Out of TP. Goin to Paddy's. It's Dave's turn to buy it anyway. He's such a cheapskate.

07:42 PM #
Took down the Sampler Platter and the Paddy McGee Sirloin. And it's $12 buckets of domestics tonight! Feelin MUCH better in the BM dept.

07:46 PM #
Gettin another bucket. Might call Ann to tell her I'm feeling better. She's probably worried.

09:09 PM #
Killed a dozen bullets. Called Ann. Straight to voicemail. Looks like Ann's up to her old tricks.

09:10 PM #
Calling the house phone. Never thought of that! If she wants to play games, we'll play games.

09:12 PM #
Phone's busy. My daughter must be talking to that ding dong Chad from school. Calling Ann's cell to let her know that won't stand!

09:14 PM #
Sick of this. Half tempted to go over there and give her a piece of my mind...after a few more cold ones. Goin down so smooth.