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DadBoner - Mon Dec 13 2010

02:20 AM #
Gotta be up in 3 hrours for work. Shit. Couldn't sleep becaourse Dave farted up the bathroum and b roke my Wii becauese he's stupdid.

01:44 PM #
The roof of the Sebring collapsed like that football stadium from all the snow. Drove to work with the top down. 12 degrees out.

01:48 PM #
My ears are still burning from frostbite. I HATE Mondays! Sick of this. Might need to go to the hospital.

01:56 PM #
Just overheard a co-worker call me Fatso The Snowman. Feelin' kinda down.

02:42 PM #
Ordered this bad boy to cheer me up:

02:55 PM #
Dave just called to ask "how my car was." Apparently he piled extra snow on it as a prank. That's why the roof collapsed. SO F-ING P.O.'d!

05:04 PM #
Had to drive home with no roof. The heat might as well have not been on at all. Took a hot shower. Still can't get warm.

05:12 PM #
Called Ann to ask for advice. Told her about the car. She laughed so hard she dropped the phone. Sick of this.