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DadBoner - Tue Dec 14 2010

11:34 AM #
At the dealership waiting for the car to get fixed. Free donuts and TV! Better than being at work. Hope it takes forever.

11:40 AM #
Some old bag asked me to turn the TV down so she can read her book. What an idiot. Probably can't walk and fart at the same time either.

01:15 PM #
Still here at the dealership. Took a little snooze. Gonna see what's on the tube. I hope my car never gets fixed, this place rocks!

01:33 PM #
They put out a fresh pot of coffee and that old bag hit the road. Time for donut numero ocho. Seriously, I could live here.

01:49 PM #
Dr. Phil is on. What a dumb sack of horsecrap. "Yew shud do this! Yew shud do that!" He should do me a favor and shut his fat face.

04:55 PM #
Well MAYBE if Dave didn't hog the bathroom when he KNOWS I've been drinking coffee all day I wouldn't have to pee in the kitchen sink.

04:55 PM #
And MAYBE if he did the dishes like an adult once in a while, I wouldn't have to urinate on them. He's so immature.