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DadBoner - Wed Dec 15 2010

11:07 AM #
Hump dayaayyyeeeeyaaayyeee!!! Really lookin' forward to the weekend you guys.

11:40 AM #
Just got me and my bro Al early xmas presents: Tix to Joe Satriani tomorrow night at the Fillmore!!! So. Pumped.

01:03 PM #
Just back from Wing Wednesday. Blared Summer Song the whole way. Satriani is gonna rock it so hard!

02:13 PM #
Wings aren't sittin' so good. Only had a dozen and fries. Maybe the Diet Coke was bad or something.

06:08 PM #
Went to Al's to tell him about about the Satriani tix, he said, "Bro, I just can't take off like that, I gotta holiday party to go to."

06:12 PM #
I said, is JOE SATRIANI gonna be at this "holiday party?" Got pretty hot under the collar about it. They were 83 bucks a piece!!!

06:14 PM #
Went to Paddy's to cool off. Gotta figure this out over a few $3 long islands.

06:16 PM #
Dave'll definitely weasel his way in if I let him know, so that's out of the question. Can't take Dave, he'll grossout the concert chicks.

06:19 PM #
Hinted to Carly the bartender that I had an extra ticket. Don't think she believed me. Satriani tix are pretty tough to come by.

06:20 PM #
But man, people would freak out with that kinda babe on my arm. Maybe I'll ask if she "knows anyone that wants to go?" Super casual.

06:21 PM #
Okay, one more Long Island to loosen up, then I'll ask. They go down so smooth here. Tastes like pop!

06:40 PM #
So smooth. Goin' down SO smooth. Might get some Irish Nachos, then one more, then ask.