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DadBoner - Wed Dec 22 2010

01:02 PM #
Ann "doesn't know if it's a good idea" for me to see the kids on Christmas. Yeah right. Like they don't want these gift certificates.

01:06 PM #
Can't worry about that now anyway. Backlash from Wing Wednesday is brewing like a hurricane.

01:08 PM #
Hardly anyone here at work. Gonna run home for a break. This is bad.

03:02 PM #
I don't think Starbucks knows the disastrous fire they play with when then put a code on their bathroom.

06:07 PM #
Just remembered tomorrow is secret Santa day at work. And I forgot who mine was. God. Damnit.

06:20 PM #
Looks like the 3D Eiffel Tower jigsaw puzzle Ann's mom gave me last year is gonna be the gift that keeps on sucking. She's so thoughtless.