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DadBoner - Fri Dec 24 2010

12:06 AM #
This is so true. Just what I needed. RT @SexCigarsBooze If someone you love hurts you, cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.

12:09 AM #
Had SUCH a blast tonight at Wild Spurs. Put on some .38 Special and sparked one of Dave's "J's." I'm so chilled out. Feels GOOD.

12:09 AM #
Just wanted to say how much I love you guys.

10:34 AM #
Crap, just woke up. Hope Radio Shack is still open. They always have the coolest last minute stuff.

04:31 PM #
My son wanted some stupid Mickey Mouse video game for Xmas. Got him a RC monster truck from The Shack instead. And Ann says I'm a bad dad.

05:09 PM #
Haven't heard from Ann today. Guess we'll just hook up tomorrow. I'm pretty ripped on my famous egg nog anyway. (special recipe)

06:36 PM #
Whoa, Dave is totally trashed on my special Nog. He thinks he knows some babes we can call. Xmas Eve 2010, let's do this!

08:24 PM #
Polished off the Nog. Dave called the gals. Waiting to hear back. Busting out the Crown & Diet. Probably the best Xmas Eve I can remember.

09:13 PM #
Bad news. The babes had to cancel. There was a mix up with who Dave was. They were probably barf city anyway. Dave has no taste in women.

09:53 PM #
Crap, where'd I put Ann's heart pendant?!! Crap crap crap!!! One more Crown & Diet, then I'll look. Goin' down SO smooth.

10:03 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the Christmas weekend you guys.