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DadBoner - Sat Dec 25 2010

12:55 PM #
Found Ann's heart pendant under a Wendy's bag in the Sebring. She said I could stop by in an hour. Gotta get it together! Super hungover.

01:12 PM #
You too Kath! RT @kathyireland Merry Christmas Angels. Thank you for being so wonderful. May life bring you joy, peace and LOVE. Always

04:57 PM #
Back from Ann & the kids. Had a blast. Inlaws gave me the stink eye a few times, but that's nothing new.

04:59 PM #
Ann's mom kept making cracks everytime I'd refill my drink. Told her to mind her own business. Felt good to stand up to that swine.

05:06 PM #
Gave Ann her pendant, she said, "Karl, you went to Jared!" & laughed a little. She stopped when I told her it was from Kay. I do it right.

05:09 PM #
I think Ann really caught my drift, if you know what I mean.

05:10 PM #
Plus, I wore a holiday portion of my Tim McGraw cologne. She probably would've been all over me if her folks weren't there.

05:12 PM #
Knew I wouldn't get any, so I gave the kids their crap, broke the toilet, blamed it on her mom and left. Time to relax. Feeling good.