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DadBoner - Sun Dec 26 2010

12:49 PM #
Really comin down from Christmas. Feelin down. Wish I had some leftovers.

12:51 PM #
Ann made me a plate to go. When I woke up, Dave had eaten it all. He said, "I thought it was for me?!" Nothing's EVER been for you, Dave.

01:49 PM #
Pulled my back out using the restroom. Now the cable isn't working so no football. Sick of this. I wonder if Paddy's is open?

02:04 PM #
Paddy's is open 'til 10. Heading over. $1.50 domestics! Told Dave I was going to buy toilet paper. He was gettin on my last nerve.

04:31 PM #
The best thing about $1.50 pints is that you can pretty much drink as many as you want.

08:15 PM #
Heckuva time at Paddy's tonight. Musta had a million Bud Ls. Took down an Irish Nacho to soak it up for the drive. They were delish!

08:17 PM #
Got home and Dave was still in the same spot as when I left, as usual. It's like he never moves. The guy needs to get a life!

08:20 PM #
Sometimes I feel like I should bring Dave around more often, but he just doesn't have much class. Always creeps out the foxy chicks.

08:25 PM #
There was a new gal at Paddy's tonight. Super righteous bod and a real sweetheart. Kristen or Carrie or something? I'm a little bombed.