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DadBoner - Fri Dec 31 2010

11:18 AM #
Doin some pushups. Wanna look jacked later.

12:01 PM #
Crush is playing tonight at Wild Spurs. They rock! So pumped! NYE FRIDAAAAYYYY!!!!

12:24 PM #
Picked up a new pair of black jeans. Kinda tight, but it IS a rock show later. They actually look pretty cool.

12:27 PM #
Dave just asked if I want to hang with his brother's family later because they'll have "free pizza and everything." No, loser, I don't.

01:23 PM #
Can't wait to rock out 'til the break of dawn! Hope there's some babes out. Who am I kidding, OF COURSE there will be. Super pumped.

03:07 PM #
Made one of my famous Vernor's, Hot Damn & Jim Beam. (special recipe) Getting started early before heading out!

03:11 PM #
My theme song for tonight. Got it on repeat. Forgot how good their old stuff is.

03:14 PM #
NEW YEAR'S 2010! Let's do this! Heading out to Wild Spurs in 15. Love you guys! Be safe! (And maybe lucky, if you know what I mean) Ha!

03:16 PM #
Or is it New Year's 2011? Can never remember. Whatever, just have a blast!