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DadBoner - Sun Jan 02 2011

11:29 AM #
Figured out the mayo mystery. Turns out it was ranch. I know because we're out of ranch and we used to have a full bottle.

11:31 AM #
Really bummin' about Monday tomorrow, guys. Might just lay low today. Was gonna make Pizza Rolls, but, there's no ranch. Sucks.

02:09 PM #
Dave dropped the remote in the toilet somehow. Can't change the channel. Really steamed.

02:10 PM #
Who brings the remote into the bathroom?! Dave's such a grossout. That's where we crap! Idiot.

02:13 PM #
Sick of this. I'm going to Wendy's.

07:28 PM #
Stopped for a few drinks at Paddy's after Wendy's. Got a little out of hand. Had to pull over on the way home for a quick snooze.

07:30 PM #
Don't even know what to do anymore. Life has gotten complicated. Plus, tomorrow is Monday. Such a drag.

07:32 PM #
Gonna start Atkins tomorrow. Time for a change. Gonna have one last pig out and hit the sack. G'night folks.

07:34 PM #
Great, Dave ate all the TGIFridays Potato Skins. Guess I'll have to pig out on Hormel Chili and the rest of these stale taco shells.

07:35 PM #
Sick of this. So friggin' sick of this.