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DadBoner - Wed Jan 05 2011

05:57 PM #
Pretty proud of myself today. Wing Wednesday was built for this Atkins diet. Took down 24 wings. No waffle fries was SO hard though.

06:04 PM #
Supper: 2 $5 Hot N Ready carry out pizzas. (cheese and toppings only). Sold Dave the crusts for $3. Idiot, I would've sold them for 1.

08:00 PM #
Having a snack. Sucking the cheese off some Chee-tos. Kinda better than eating them. Think I invented a new diet thing!

10:18 PM #
Woke up so thirsty. Dave drank all my water I keep cold in an orange juice bottle in the fridge. Tap water is disgusting. Super P.O'd!

10:35 PM #
Had to drink a Pepsi. I know it's not Atkins, but I HATE tap water. I'm not perfect. Make up for it tomorrow.