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DadBoner - Fri Jan 07 2011

12:35 PM #
For those about to Friday, I salute you!

12:41 PM #
Had 5 Coney Dogs from Leo's. No bun. Forgot a fork again so they were kinda messy to eat in the car. This shirt has seen it's last Friday.

12:50 PM #
Supposed to hook up with my bro Al for supper and drinks later. Super pumped. Look out Chili's, the Welzein Boys are comin!

10:41 PM #
Had just an ok time at Chili's with Al. They wouldn't make an Awesome Blossom without any breading.

10:43 PM #
Hated to make a stink, but the customer is always right. I'm not some jerk, just a guy trying to get in shape.

10:45 PM #
Got the chicken fajita's for my entree. Took the tortillas to go. Gonna sell them to Dave. He doesn't know anything about groceries.

10:48 PM #
Coulda been a fun time, but Al brought his wife, Toni. Kept asking why I don't see my kids much. She sucks sometimes.

10:51 PM #
She kept calling me Jack LaLanne because of the diet. Like I'm some old gross gay guy.

10:53 PM #
Toni brought up Ann a bunch. Me and Ann are FINE thank you very much. I think she's jealous that I'm gettin in shape and Al's not.

10:55 PM #
AND she kept saying how beer isn't Atkins. #1, They were Michelob ULTRAs, and #2: It's almost my cheat day. I'll cut it short tomorrow.

10:57 PM #
Got a 12 pack of Ultra on the way home. Gonna just subtrack the hours from Sat. night. Going down so smooth. SO. Smooth.

10:57 PM #
Hate being judged. Like Al's better than me. Sick of this.