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DadBoner - Sat Jan 08 2011

11:10 AM #
Cheat day is rocking. Had a big pancake breakfast, now heading over to Paddy's. Feels good because I really earned it.

07:39 PM #
Had a blast at Paddy's. Food just tastes so much better when you've earned it. Started with a double order of Crispy Potato Skins.

07:41 PM #
Moved right on into the Paddy Melt, with a side of the Sweet Potato Fries. Boy, are those tasty. It was like the first time I had 'em.

07:45 PM #
After a few cold brews and a couple restroom trips, I felt geared up again and went for the Chicken Ranch Pizza. (XL) Just like old times.

07:46 PM #
They use RANCH as the sauce. It's just so incredible. AND it goes with my diet so I was still making an effort on my cheat day.

07:52 PM #
I must have 5 lbs of leftovers. Was supposed to cut cheat day short, but it's wrong to waste food. And stupid to give it to Dave.

07:54 PM #
Gonna try and eat it as fast as possible so I can get back on track. Gotta finish this 12 pack too. Feels good to put in a solid effort.