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DadBoner - Wed Jan 12 2011

11:30 AM #
New tee for the weekend!

11:31 AM #
XL is a little snug, but I guess it's supposed to fit that way because I must be droppin l.b.'s like a madman.

11:32 AM #
I never thought I'd say this, but my pecs look super jacked in the new tee. Feelin good. Working the program.

11:34 AM #
Only had a dozen wings for Wing Wednesday. Trying to behave. Gonna do some pushups in the john to take advantage of the protein.

05:19 PM #
Bought a chin-up bar on the way home. Dave already hung a wet towel on it. Don't even know where he got it. Didn't shower or anything.

05:21 PM #
Dave is cracking up because I could barely do 2 of them. Must be sore from all those bathroom pushups at work.

05:24 PM #
Like he should talk. Dave can hardly take a healthy crap without needing a nap afterwards. Sick of his B.S. It's getting stale.

05:26 PM #
Making a no bread hot roast beef sandwich w/ gravy for some energy, then giving it another go. Dave better shut his mouth.