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DadBoner - Thu Jan 13 2011

11:11 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:16 AM #
Had a nice sit down lunch today. Went to Big Boy. Had the Super Big Boy, no bun. No bun really let's the taste come through.

11:20 AM #
My arms are so sore from chin-ups I had to eat it all hunched over. Cute waitress asked if I was ok. Told her I was sore from training.

11:22 AM #
She gave me kind of a look up and down. I think she could tell I was. I felt like a piece of meat. It was awesome! I'm really doin it.

02:46 PM #
Can't wait for the weekend. Gonna stop by Paddy's for a couple well earned cold ones on the way home. Nothin' serious.

04:32 PM #
Bartender at Paddy's said, "What can I getcha, big guy?" Thought I was slimming down. Can't tell if she meant muscle or fat.

05:55 PM #
This is really killing me. I don't know what she meant. Had a big sweater on so who knows. Gonna go back wearing my new tee this weekend.

05:57 PM #
Got stressed out and kinda overdid it. A "couple" turned into 6 or 7. My arms are still sore or I'd just work it off on the chinup bar.

05:58 PM #
Gonna have a cocktail. Gin and Diet 7-up can't be that bad. Besides, I was good at Big Boy today and no supper yet.