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DadBoner - Fri Jan 14 2011

03:56 AM #
Just woke up on the couch. Upset stomach. Don't know whether it's that I'm anxious about Ann, the "Big Guy" comment, or just need to crap.

03:58 AM #
Went a little overboard on the Gin and 7s. Almost polished off the bottle. Why did I do that!?

04:00 AM #
Can't decide whether to just stay up or get a few more winks. This sucks. And Dave's snoring like a pig's butthole.

04:04 AM #
Screw it. Gonna make an omelette, some Eggos, and flip through the tube. Get this Friday started off early. Nice and peaceful here.

04:07 AM #
Gonna just shut my eyes for a minute. Just so great to be up early. Takin Friday to the limit!

11:12 AM #
It's a long way, to Friday if you wanna Rock n Roll! Happy friday guys!!!

11:15 AM #
Fell asleep on the couch this morning and was 3 hrs late for work. Gave the old "diarrhea" excuse & went straight to lunch.

11:25 AM #
Got Taco Bell. 2 hard shells and 4 soft shells. Guess it didn't matter since I only ate the filling. They should have an Atkins menu.

11:30 AM #
Ann called. Not good though. I guess the Carlson's want to have us over to see if they can help us with our "problems."

11:39 AM #
Why is Ann all for meeting up with them to talk, but I can't get any one on one time? Can't work my moves in front of those idiots.

11:41 AM #
I mean, I'm gonna go tomorrow of course. Think it's kind of rude to ask last minute though. Had plans to go to Paddy's in my new tee.

11:44 AM #
Great, just thinking about having to see the Carlsons gave me real diarrhea. That or the Taco Bell. More likely the Carlsons.