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DadBoner - Sat Jan 15 2011

12:20 PM #
Met Dave at Chili's after work yesterday. Got a little out of control. Was so stressed about the Carlsons.

12:23 PM #
Must've had 8 margs. I know they're not on my diet, but I just needed to relax. Left the Sebring at Chili's. Dave had to drive home.

12:26 PM #
Threw up in Dave's Skylark. He just wiped it up with an Arby's bag and wasn't p.o.'d or anything. I give him a hard time but he's a pal.

12:36 PM #
Dave's worried about me fixing things with Ann. He made some good points. Would Ann let me throw up in her car and not get mad?

12:43 PM #
Supposed to meet up at the Carlsons at 6. Head's pounding. Dave went for Taco Bell. He's being so nice. Dave's a good guy.

12:44 PM #
Better have a few beers to patch up. Doin what I gotta do today. Big day. Big, big day.

02:11 PM #
Dave went bananas at Taco Bell. Like 17 dollars worth. Forgot how good the shells are. Diet cheat day is just the best when you earned it.

02:13 PM #
Had 4 Michelob Ultra's. Feeling good. Having a blast with Dave. He thinks I should tell the Carlsons to shove it.

07:06 PM #
Just got back from the Carlsons. Tina made the WORST sloppy joe's I've ever had. How do you screw up Manwich? Idiot.

07:08 PM #
She said she adds her own "herbs & spices to make them gourmet." She must think "gourmet" means "rotten horse meat" in French.

07:12 PM #
Her Sloppy Joe's were so disgusting I could barely eat 2 of them. Took 4 Crown & Diets to wash them down. Should call 'em Pukey Tina's.

07:16 PM #
After supper we had a sit down in the living room WITH THE TV OFF. It was so awkward. Plus I had to crap from the Pukey Tina's.

07:20 PM #
Doug made some crack about my t-shirt being "tighter than a witch's butthole." I whispered to Ann, "Oh, like Tina's?" She almost spit.

07:23 PM #
They tried to start in with all this counseling mumbo jumbo. Gave us some stupid books. Like you can just read your problems away.

07:23 PM #
Ann was a real sweetheart. Even touched my hand once. Man, I sure miss that touch.

07:25 PM #
Could tell Ann even thought it was stupid. Went to get a refill and she said, "make me a double." You go Ann!

07:28 PM #
Tina started in about me "looking pretty rough." Ann said "he looks just fine Tina. If anything Doug could take some cues from Karl."

07:29 PM #
Doug GOT UP AND LEFT THE ROOM. I almost had a heart attack it was so awesome. Had to take a crap break. Broke the toilet. Ha!

07:32 PM #
Walked Ann to her car. She thanked me for comin and said it "really meant alot to her." Felt like old times. Even got a peck. On the lips!

07:34 PM #
Feeling SO good right now. Dave thinks it sounds like a load and I should let it go. We're takin down a case of Labatt's, hashin it out.

07:37 PM #
Dave's makin a DiGiorno, and even cleaned up the pad. Great weekend you guys. Great. Friggin. Weekend.